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Teams taking part:

(2 updates)
(2 updates)
(No updates yet)
(No updates yet)
(8 updates)
(4 updates)
(No updates yet)
(Alex Richardson) Bucharest? In Hungary right? (18 updates)
(Alice Taylor) the third wheel (18 updates)
(Ed Crowther) Charges (3 updates)
(Finlay Greig) in Stuttgart. Eating cheese and drinking wheat beer/kirsch schnapps. (6 updates)
(laura luckhurst) two blondes and a french bird (5 updates)
(Matthew Holmnes, Holly standring, Chris Banks ) (28 updates)
(Naomi Bradford) 99 Problems But a Hitch Ain't One (5 updates)
12barbercrew (3 updates)
2674KPH (5 updates)
3 H's (No updates yet)
3 Pilgrims (No updates yet)
99problemsbutahitchaintone (12 updates)
99probsbutahitchaintone (No updates yet)
Adventure Time (39 updates)
ALCATEL (15 updates)
All Roads Lead To Rome-ania (29 updates)
Aquaholics (25 updates)
Babylon Wangsters (20 updates)
Banterest (1 updates)
Bantiques Roadshow (15 updates)
Bromania (26 updates)
Buchabears (33 updates)
Buchafest (23 updates)
Buchaquest (14 updates)
Bucharested Development (23 updates)
Buchasiesta (No updates yet)
Bums Without Borders (16 updates)
Chocolate milk (5 updates)
Coffee and Booze (1 updates)
Connor's Angels (22 updates)
Cracking Hitch Gromit (25 updates)
Does my thumb look big in this (1 updates)
DreamTeam (2 updates)
Ed and Paddy (1 updates)
fromthewesttobucharest (No updates yet)
fromthewesttobucharest (No updates yet)
Get A Hitch Or Die Tryin (6 updates)
Give It A Bucharest Mate (32 updates)
Grape Spotters (3 updates)
Hitch Fest to Bucharest (19 updates)
Hitch please (13 updates)
Hitchin (15 updates)
IngloriousBucharesters (29 updates)
Jack Lorry (1 updates)
Jak and rachel (2 updates)
Jaxon Hickey trans-tasman (8 updates)
Khizr and Pippa (5 updates)
Kwizzie (10 updates)
Leuny Toons (15 updates)
lifesahitch (16 updates)
Logs Mitty and Co (2 updates)
Lost&confused (8 updates)
Lummit (5 updates)
Maevethebabe (No updates yet)
No Bucharest For The Wicked (11 updates)
No Rest 'til Bucharest (16 updates)
only we could teleport if only we could teleport (4 updates)
Perry Hughes Hitchy Feet (8 updates)
pilgrims 3 Pilgrims (No updates yet)
Pilgrims Choice (10 updates)
Quest To Bucharest (17 updates)
Rabbits Team (No updates yet)
RAGS to Hitches (24 updates)
Road Crew (2 updates)
Road Mania (21 updates)
Roam-mania (8 updates)
rob and tess (1 updates)
run the jewell (18 updates)
S Club (19 updates)
Sam Bates Brasia (12 updates)
Sherlock And The Beauties (100 updates)
Shipman's Bummit Bitches. (No updates yet)
shipmans bummit bitches" (7 updates)
simon jones groupies (16 updates)
simply the best better than bucharest (4 updates)
Simply the best, better than Bucharest (23 updates)
Smack my hitch up (20 updates)
Sofa King Swedish (22 updates)
Son Of A Hitch (13 updates)
Taylor Swiftly to Bucharest (19 updates)
TeamLove (15 updates)
The Bare Bucharessities (31 updates)
The Buchabest (2 updates)
The Buchabest around (31 updates)
The Bucharest Thing Since Sliced Bread (19 updates)
The Fellowship Of Bummit (25 updates)
The Lynch Mob (6 updates)
The Romaniacs (22 updates)
The Three Musketeers (No updates yet)
Thumbelina and the never ending hitch (7 updates)
Two Idiots Abroad (18 updates)
Vagabonds in Europe (17 updates)
Vikings Bum Hiking (11 updates)
Wacky Racers (13 updates)
Wanted On Voyage (15 updates)
we like to hitchhike (9 updates)
We Lost Max (16 updates)
We Must Be Romaniacs (18 updates)
weinim (No updates yet)
WhatYouZayingPhilip (10 updates)
when in Rome ania (24 updates)
Wheres Bucharest again (41 updates)
Wicked Hitch of West Street Live (18 updates)
Yamilto (No updates yet)