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Teams taking part:

(1 updates)
(No updates yet)
(No updates yet)
(Ben Stocker) (No updates yet)
(Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro) I wish it was Hawaii ¿� (7 updates)
(Heather Stubbs) AgbaB (1 updates)
(Helen Browne) (No updates yet)
(holly knowles) (No updates yet)
(Josh Day) Wilderness Explorers (2 updates)
AngryCrowla (4 updates)
ÄIssam MawhoubeÑ Miles From Nowhere! (2 updates)
Baguettes (3 updates)
BETH MOYLE (No updates yet)
Big D and his Little Cs (4 updates)
Cheesy Abs (2 updates)
Delatie (1 updates)
Glas-Go! (No updates yet)
Henry and Simon (No updates yet)
Hitch Perfect (3 updates)
Jani Na (1 updates)
Leo King SayWHAAAAAAAAAT (9 updates)
Let's go to Glasgow! (5 updates)
Oliver Glossop Angels (No updates yet)
One Direction (No updates yet)
Parky's Conquests (No updates yet)
Team Len (8 updates)
Team Tabasco (No updates yet)
Team Trail Mix (5 updates)
The Hairy Hikers (2 updates)
the scenic route! (3 updates)
TITS 4 LIFTS (No updates yet)
twopartyanimalsandafriedegg (3 updates)