IMPORTANT: Please visit the Foreign Travel Advice site for information on travel security, laws and refugee status.

Safety Talk can be found here

Teams taking part:

(Beatrice Wilkin) Ljub Me Up (No updates yet)
(Emilie Gerard) Bref! (9 updates)
(Emily Darroch) Big Bear Brigade (1 updates)
(Holly) Keen 4 Sloveen (25 updates)
(isabel mackay) Local Lions (8 updates)
(John davis) Antwerp (1 updates)
(Liverpool airport) flying to Amsterdam (No updates yet)
(Maddie Sinclair) Hitch Me Baby One More Lift (No updates yet)
(Sally Hollingworth) circus Runaway Circus (2 updates)
-hoods (1 updates)
99 problems but a hitch ain't one (No updates yet)
A Bleddy Shambles (21 updates)
Alex Denton flippy patrol (No updates yet)
Alpaca Tissue (17 updates)
Anna Rydelewski Bumm-that (22 updates)
Bumm it Bumm that (5 updates)
Down the Rabbit Hole (24 updates)
ELLIOTT DENTON elliotts travels (3 updates)
Fancy A Bummit? (1 updates)
Flakes On A Plane (14 updates)
From RAGs to Hitches (13 updates)
Hitch A Bum (22 updates)
Hot Milk (No updates yet)
Jaded Tallin (24 updates)
Julio Scholes and the Three Merry Men (No updates yet)
Kai Lovett Three Geographers Without A Map (15 updates)
Lionel Hitchie (23 updates)
Little Red Hiking Hoods (22 updates)
Lubleyjubleyjanas (34 updates)
Michael Smack your hitch up (11 updates)
Move Hitch Get Out The Way (21 updates)
Neapolitan (26 updates)
On the tram heading out of the city centre (No updates yet)
Pray For Jane (15 updates)
Salman Fishing In The Yemen (27 updates)
Shrek is Ljub Shrek is Life (21 updates)
Siddharth Solanki Hitch Please (No updates yet)
Slov3nia (9 updates)
Slovenia? Yh Bled (16 updates)
Team Scavenger (No updates yet)
Team Slanket (15 updates)
test (No updates yet)
Test Team Name (2 updates)
The Mole Rats (17 updates)
The Naked Mole Rats (10 updates)
three little pigs (3 updates)
Un-named Team (21 updates)
Wheres Pete (19 updates)
William Booth Dambusters (11 updates)