Bummit is all about the charities and knowing all the money raised goes towards local charities that do inspiring work across the board to make the world a better place.

This year the money we raise in Big Bummit Riga will go to these five amazing charities: 

Femme International

Femme provides essential menstrual health education, and the provision of reusable sanitary products for women and girls in East Africa, specifically adolescent girls. There is a major gap in education when it comes to menstrual health (due to lack of information and the stigma). Femme empowers girls to feel in control of their bodies, and fills an essential gap in women's health.


Main objective is to fund equipment for use in the Hallamshire, Northern General and Children’s Hospital for patients with a range of debilitating Neurological conditions such as Brain Tumours, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Head Injuries, Stroke and many more. As well as this they also fund ground-breaking research projects to help develop the range of knowledge we have about neurological conditions.

St. Wilfrids Centre

A day centre for vulnerable, homeless and socially-excluded adults in Sheffield. They Offer creative groups, key skills groups, sports, cooking, drama, relaxation, women's group, men's group, allotment project, carpentry. They have a café and dining room where they provide cheap and nutritious meals. They Run workshop skills groups to help complete orders of bird boxes for industry. Recently had ballroom dancing which went down well! They have recently built a block of 20 one-bedroom flats where people who have experienced homelessness can live for up to 2 years while getting support on how to live fulfilling independent lives when they move on

  •  day centre for vulnerable, homeless and socially-excluded adults in Sheffield
  • They have recently built a block of 20 one-bedroom flats where people who have experienced homelessness can live for up to 2 years while getting support on how to live fulfilling independent lives when they move on

YWCA Yorkshire

Provide supported accommodation to young teenage parents, young girls who are pregnant and who have been subjected to domestic and sexual violence. They also support disadvantaged families, promoting independent living, empowerment and the chance to live a more fulfilled, safe and healthy life. Based in the Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster area. They provide education on pre tenancy and tenancy support, parenting and lifestyle skills, debt management and budgeting, advocacy and advice, support with dealing with domestic violence and sexual violence and exploitation and education around independent living and healthy and safe living.

The Sheffield Steelers Wheelchair Basketball Club

 One of the biggest wheelchair basketball clubs in the UK. The club runs 7 teams in the British Wheelchair Basketball League from Junior League to Premier League and has members from age 12 to 50+.  The club runs training and competition for both male and female players. Over the years, the club has nurtured many current and former Paralympians but also provides sporting opportunities for disabled people at a recreational level too. Most of the members have Spinal Cord Injuries and others have lower limb disabilities such as amputees, cerebral palsy etc.


For Baby Bummit Brighton, we raised money for: 

Stop Gap

StopGap seeks to meet the needs for emergency accommodation for homeless people in Sheffield all year round. In the last year, Stop Gap provided 599 bed nights of accommodation and breakfast to 318 homeless and vulnerable people. With our funding they aim to be able to extend the stays of clients, and also, in exceptional circumstances, assist with rent.

Clowne and District Community Transport

Provide accessible transport and social opportunities for people unable to use mainstream public transport in the southern part of Sheffield City Region Bolsover and North East Derbyshire Districts. Without the service these people would be at high risk of social isolation or find it difficult to live independently. The passengers have a range of disabilities, or limiting health conditions and the majority are elderly. Many use mobility aids. This service ensures that frail, elderly and/or disabled people can still live independently, participate in social activities and community life

Darnall Community Development Centre (DCDC)

The organisation works with the local residents of Darnall - one of the most deprived areas of the city where the entire population live in areas classed amongst the 10 percent most deprived areas in England. The organisation works with offenders/ex-offenders from South Yorkshire by offering around 20 supported work placement opportunities over a 12 month period, who will match the delivery of services and activities to benefit different community groups, including women only groups, activities for the elderly population who might be isolated, youth provision, and so forth.

Ashiana Sheffield

Ashiana Sheffield has over 30 years’ experience working with Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) adults, children and young people fleeing domestic and sexual abuse. They offer support and advice for women experiencing extreme forms of violence and abuse within a range of multiple perpetrator systems such as forced marriage, gang violence, sexual exploitation and ritual or 'honour' based violence.They offer a personalised package of support to all victims and support them emotionally and practically. They also support male and female victims of human trafficking across the north of England, and run 2 refuges for the most vulnerable female victims.

Tiny tickers

Their mission is to improve the early detection and care of babies with serious heart conditions – giving these babies a better start in life. Heart problems are the most common congenital birth defect – affecting around one in every 125 babies. These can be so serious they will require open heart surgery or other complex procedures during their first year of
life. Sadly at least 1,000 babies will be sent home with no-one realising that they have a serious heart problem and so their Think Heart campaign is educating health professionals and new parents of the signs to look for if baby is unwell. Early detection means babies get the treatment they need from the first opportunity – which can save lives, improve post-surgery survival rates and lead to a better long-term quality of life..


For Big Bummit 2015, we raised money for: 

St Luke's Hospice

St Luke’s Hospice cares for adults with progressive life-threatening illnesses; aiming to control their symptoms, alleviate pain and give them the best quality of life. They also provide support for families. Last year they helped 5,000 people in South Yorkshire affected by terminal illnesses. www.stlukeshospice.org.uk/

Cathedral Archer Project

Supports homeless adults in Sheffield, helping them break the poverty cycle and achieve a better life. Each year they help around 1,000 homeless people, providing them with the opportunity to get back on their feet. www.archerproject.org.uk

Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (SRSB)

Provides opportunity, support, friendship and services to blind and partially sighted people of all ages in Sheffield. SRSB aims to ultimately improve their client’s quality of life and help them to achieve whatever they wish to do and whatever they aspire to be. Each year they support over 3,300 partially sighted people. www.srsb.org.uk

Derbyshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Service

DDVSAS work with women, men and children who have been victims of, witnessed or experienced domestic abuse. They support them to find and maintain safe accommodation, keep themselves and their children safe and to minimise the risk of future abuse. Last year they worked with approximately 5000 clients in total, including women, men and children. www.ddvsas.org.uk

Support and Love Via Education International

S.A.L.V.E. International is a small British and Ugandan Charity working with young people aged 6 to 25 living on the streets of Jinja, Eastern Uganda. They provide opportunities for young people to return to a safe family home and re-enter education so they have a future full of opportunities. www.salveinternational.org

 Roundabout Cheque


For Baby Bummit to Glasgow we raised money for the following charities:

ASSIST Sheffield

Assist Sheffield challenges the terrible conditions that some refugees seeking asylum in Sheffield live in. Not only do they provide food, shelter and community referrals they also run an advocacy service which helps refugees with their claim for asylum in this country.

The Margaret Carey Foundation

Margaret Carey collect old bikes and wheelchairs and set up workshops in ten prisons across the North of England. They work with prisoners who aren't involving themselves in the mainstream prison system. These are predominanently young males who are likely to reoffend. The prisoners work towards qualifications in bike maintenance by restoring and repairing old bikes. These bikes are then redistributed and taken to disadvanteged areas.

Newlife Foundatiton

Newlife provides equipment for disabled children in South Yorkshire. 100% of their funding goes directly to the children. This equipment includes special beds, prams and car seats and can mean the difference between comfort and pain for disabled Sheffield in our area.

South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association (SYEDA)

SYEDA help people in South Yorkshire who suffer from eating disorders. They provide one-to-one support as well as group support and courses to encourage a healthy body image. They also raise awareness of the importance of eating disorders to the wider community.

For Big Bummit 2015 we supported the following charities:

Burton Street

Burton Street are a non-profit community organisation who predominantly specialise in supporting adults and older children with learning and physical disabilities. Based in Hillsborough, they are also a community centre and have over 50 different clubs, charities, societies and organisations based there. Burton Street is full to capacity at the minute and a second site is currently being developed to help 60 children and 200 Adults per week. Burton Street helps promote communication and confidence through sport, art and cooking.


Roundabout are a local charity providing shelter and life skills to young people. They help over 150 people each day and provide emergency accommodation for those in crisis, as well as medium term accommodation such as shared housing. Roundabout help young people develop life skills to break the cycle of homelessness. They also provide peer education services and organise other activities such as for other homeless individuals to give talks to schools as a preventative measure.

Children’s Hospital

The Children’s hospital is one of the only four stand-alone children’s hospitals in the UK and fund four key areas each year including: Research in to the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses, new facilities to extend the range of treatments provided, improvements to the hospital and specialist medical equipment. They have over 240,000 patients each year, but unfortunately do not have enough space for what is needed.

Haven House

Haven House is a charity which supports victims of domestic abuse, based in Sheffield. They aim to allow victims of sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse to move on from the past to rebuild their lives. Haven House also supports children who have been rehomed due to domestic abuse and suffer from emotional and behavioural problems, resulting from what they have witnessed. Haven House to support victims through both specialist support and therapeutic play opportunities and activities, aiming to maintain the relationships within the families.

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust is the largest voluntary charity in South Yorkshire. They run national conservation projects which aim to reconnect habitats by working with nature to provide the ecosystem services depended on for life, and also address other environmental issues through activities such as conservation work days, wildlife surveys and land management work. In addition, they run Wildlife Watch - A project for ages 8-12 to enable them to learn more about the environment. Last year Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust had 15,000 volunteers and engaged with 8,000 children. Overall, they help form positive relationships with the natural world.


Need some ideas on how to raise sponsorship for the trip? Check out our great fundraising pack, or email Beth at fundraising.bummit2016@gmail.com


For Baby Bummit 2014 we supported the following charities:

Ecclesall Live at Home Scheme

ELHS is a local project which provides services for older individuals in need. This project helps to break social isolation and allows those in need to engage with each other through weekly organised activities, a one-to-one befriending service and a telephone contact and prompt service. In addition, ELHS hold a monthly social event for the males called ‘Blokes Aloud’. This event includes taking the group out to different pubs around Derbyshire for a meal and a drink together. ELHS’s aim is to maintain the independence of old people.

St Luke’s Hospice

St Luke’s Hospice cares for terminally ill patients aged 18+ in Sheffield. Their aim is to take care of patients; controlling symptoms and alleviating pain, as well as offering the best quality of life possible. 

Tree of Life for Animals

TOLFA is an animal hospital and shelter based in Rajasthan in India. They provide necessary healthcare to sick/injured animals, and by doing so, also help to save lives through preventative measures such as vaccinations. TOLFA also provide education for children and help to provide employment for those who may not have got jobs due to social inequalities.


Safe@Last is a Sheffield based charity which supports children who are at risk through running away from home when they feel they have no other alternative. They offer one-on-one support to over 220 children, a 24 hour helpline and a Missing Young People’s service.


 For any more information on the charities or ways to fundraise, email Jamie Boughen at charities.bummit2016@gmail.com or check out the fundraising pack


For Big Bummit 2014, we supported the following charities:

Sheffield Young Carers:

Since 1997, Sheffield Young Carers have supported young people aged 8-21 who look after someone at home, usually a family member, with a physical or mental illness or disability or a substance misuse problem. They offer one to one support, group activities, respite holidays and support with education, employment and training. 

This year, we were able to donate £19,500 to fund a support worker's salary for a year, as well as paying for a series of residential holidays for young carers!

Cathedral Archer Project:

The Cathedral Archer Project is a day centre located at Sheffield Cathedral, which supports the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield. It provides a safe and warm place and access to medical support, cleaning facilities, numeracy and literacy classes, housing or benefits advice, and hot food as well as many other services. They aim to provide the support which will help to people to secure lifestyles including freedom from substance misuse and the lifestyle which accompanies it.

This year, we were able to pay a year's rent for the project by donating £17,000!

Cathedral Archer Pics


The Sick Children's Trust:

The Sick Children’s Trust supports the entire family during a child’s illness, through the provision of ‘home from home’ accommodation next to paediatric wards so that families can stay together. They are the longest-serving charity providing this service, with up to 116 families per night able to stay in their accommodation free of charge. Treetop House in Sheffield has 13 family bedrooms to support those in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and is looking to be able to support more through our donations.

This year, we donated £25,000 to the trust in order to pay for the construction of a suite of rooms to house a family whose child is staying at Sheffield Children's Hospital!


Aquabox is a Derbyshire based initiatiave which sends families and communities containers with water-purifying AquaFilters as well as supplies such as cooking pots and equipment to create shelters, for use in disaster zones. One Community AquaFilter is capable of generating up to 500,000 litres of drinking water from local contaminated water supplies- this is enough for 600 people for well over a year and a half. Aquabox work with assorted aid agencies including the Red Cross and Feed the Children, and have helped to provide safe drinking water in the aftermath of disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan.

This year, we were able to donate £12,500 to Aquabox to allow them to send their care packages where they are most needed!


Trees for Cities:

Trees for Cities is an independent charity, which inspires people to plant and love trees worldwide. Set up as Trees for London in 1993, Trees for Cities’ aim is to create social cohesion and beautify our cities through tree planting, community-led design, education and training initiatives in urban areas that need it most.
We manage projects across the UK as well as internationally in cities such as Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Kigali, Ica and La Paz. Our work supports urban tree planting initiatives particularly in deprived areas of cities.Community-led design is an integral part of our landscaping projects. Involving local residents, schools and community groups helps ensure the sustainability of green spaces.

This year, we were able to donate £3000 to purchase 3400 tree whips to be planted in Sheffield, as well as funding for local workshops!

For Baby Bummit 2013, we supported the following charities:

Changing Faces:

Changing Faces enables people who have disfigurements to develop high self-esteem and self-confidence, have access to the very best health and social services and enjoy equal rights and opportunities throughout their lives. The charity also provides training and consultancy to health professionals, employers and teachers. 

This year we were able to donate £3500 to pay for counselling and skin camouflage training for those suffering with disfigurements!

Young Women’s Housing Project:

The YWHP is a project for young women aged 16 to 25 who have been affected by sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual/domestic violence. They try to provide safe places to live, and specialist support to help young women to overcome the effects of abuse, get on with living their lives, and discover new possibilities for their futures.

This year we were able to donate £3500 to pay for starter packs to get young women back on their feet after escaping abuse!


We have worked in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Sheffield and with some of the most hardest to reach groups of children and young people, supporting them to make a positive contribution to their communities and neighbourhoods. Our models, tools and training techniques have been nationally recognised by the government and the National Youth Agency in published good practice guidance, national evaluations and Sheffield City Council’s Joint Area Review inspection.

This year we were able to donate £3500 to pay for a support worker's salary for 6 months, as well as a residential trip for the group!

Home Alone Xmas Lunch:

Home Alone Xmas Lunch is run entirely by volunteers in the local community, who give up their time and effort to put on a full Christmas lunch for members of the community who would otherwise be celebrating Christmas alone. Last year, Bummit committee and Bummit ambassadors headed down to help out at the event on the 17th December, becoming waiters and waitresses as well as entertaining on the dance floor! We were also able to present them with a cheque for £3000 to contribute towards the cost of hosting the event! 

In addition to the charities we choose each year, we also donate 10% of our fundraising total to Sheffield Volunteering

For any more information on the charities, or if you are interested in any volunteering opportunities, get in touch by emailing Jamie Boughen at charities.bummit2016@gmail.com

Home Alone Xmas Lunch



In the past, Bummit has proudly supported these charities:

2012/13Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, Sophie's Wish, Paces Sheffield, Sheffield Young Carers Project, St Andrews Child Contact Centre, FoCAL, High Peak Women's Aid, Roundabout, Water for Kids, Sheffield Volunteering, The Children's Hospital Charity, Broomhall Breakfast, Haven House, Cecily's Fund

2011/12Chilypep, Ecclesall Live at Home Scheme, The Joseph Foote Trust, Asperger’s Children and Carers Together (ACCT), Project Buzz, PACT (Parents’ Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia), Children Today, DIAL Barnsley, Learn for Life Enterprise, The Sick Children's Trust, Street Child of Sierra Leone, JAM Scotland, StopGap, Sheffield Women's Aid

2010/11SUST (Sheffield User Survivor Trainers), Doncaster Rape and Sexual Counselling Service, Operation Florian, S.A.L.V.E, KIDS, Sheffield Royal Society for the blind (SRSB), Sheffield Volunteering, Flourish, Computer Club, Children's Project, Neurocare, Wombwell Drop in Centre, Sheffield Cystic Fibrosis Appeal

2009/10FABLE, SOS Children's Village Hungary, Anit Slavery International, Catch 22, Burngrove Domestic Abuse Project, Sheffield Young Carers, Sheffield Volunteering, ANTS (A Nice on Saturdays), Computer Club, Flourish, Tapton Edge

2008/09Kids Company, Cavendish Cancer Care, Parkinson's Disease Society, The Anthony Nolan Trust, Sheffield Volunteering, STOP (Trafficking UK)