Ticket information

Your £10 ticket includes the following:

  • A place on the trip on the 27th February;
  • Entry into the competition with a chance of winning a prize;
  • Entry to the nightclub in Manchester before 12;
  • The return coach trip from the club in Manchester to Sheffield SU, leaving at to be specified time;
  • A hitch hiking guide full of handy information;
  • Invitation to all relevant socials, including ‘team mating’ events;
  • Extended Public Liability Insurance;
  • There will be a safety and advice phone for the duration of the event to be used in the unlikely event of problems or emergency;
  • Help with fundraising.


To be allowed on the trip you must fully register prior to the 22th of February, this is for safety and insurance purposes.



The sponsorship for this event is £25, and the deadline to raise it by is midday on the 12th March 2014. Warning emails will be sent out before this happens reminding you of the deadline and you will be sent a fundraising pack when you register to the event, which contains information and tips to help you to raise the full amount (or more!). You must follow the instructions and set up your online donations page with Virgin Money, through RAG and the Rat Race event, in order for your sponsorship to come through to us.

In order to be allowed on the trip you must give in cash or cheque deposit for the full £25 sponsorship. This must be handed in within 1 week of purchasing your ticket. Once you have raised the £25 cheque deposits will be destroyed and cash will be returned. If you do not raise the full sponsorship before the deadline, we reserve the right to cash your deposit; this may be in full and exceed the sponsorship minimum if you have fundraised.

The £25 does not include gift aid, which is used to fund the administration of Sheffield RAG; for more information on how this works, please visit www.sheffieldrag.com.


RAG and Bummit events have a flawless safety record, and part of the reason for this is that we offer well-informed hitching advice. Your safety and well-being is of the utmost importance to us, so please pay close attention to the following:

  • You must attend the safety meeting on the 24th of February. This is mandatory and failure to attend means you can’t take part.
  • If you have an emergency, there is a safety line run by an experienced Committee member available throughout the trip we recommend all team members have this number stored on their phone.
  • It is illegal to hitchhike on the motorway and on Sheffield Parkway, so if you choose to go via the M1 keep this in mind.
  • You must hitchhike in groups of 2-3, including one male member who must be first in and last out of each vehicle.
  • We advise each team to bring a first aid kit.
  • Do not separate from your teammates during the hitch. Splitting up or switching teams during the hitch is not permitted.
  • We recommend that all participants have enough money in their account to get them home on public transport in case of emergencies
  • Please remember to keep your mobile phone charged and switched on at all times throughout the trip, with enough credit to make emergency calls.
  • We recommend that you do not take valuable items, since your trip is not covered for personal loss or theft. However, we do hold extended public liability insurance for the event with Endsleigh.
  • We employ a staff member who oversees our events. If you or your family have any questions about safety procedure, feel free to Sian Ellis by calling 0114 222 8546 or e-mailsian.ellis@sheffield.ac.uk

Additional information 

  • Whilst you are on the trip, please be aware that you are representing the University of Sheffield, RAG and Bummit. Be courteous with people you meet and use your common sense!
  • If it is proven that you have caused damage on the trip resulting in compensation being paid by the union, you will be invoiced for the cost after the event.
  • If for some reason you are unable to participate in the trip and want to drop out, the ticket price is non-refundable as per Union policy. Any sponsorship raised cannot be returned either, but all money raised will be donated to the charities chosen.
  • If it is proven that you have caused damage to the coach you will be responsible for the cost (this includes costs incurred for vomiting on the coach)
  • You must have a valid membership of the Sheffield Students’ Union to be insured and therefore participate in the trip.
  • The coach is scheduled to leave at a time that will be specified, on the road outside of the nightclub, you are responsible for making your way onto the coach for this time
  • The coach will be arriving at the Students Union; you are responsible for making your way home from there.
  • By buying a ticket you are agreeing to raise a minimum of £25.
  • The organisers will do everything in their power to find you teammates, including hitching with you if no team is found.
  • If you have any disability or mental health issue that could affect you while you are on the event, please let us know. We want to support all students involved in our event in every way we can but can only do this if we are fully informed.
  • This event is jointly run by the Bummit Ambassadors and the RAG Reps, volunteers within Sheffield RAG. Sheffield RAG’s charity number is 1147855.
  • If you have any questions or queries in the run up to the event, contact the committees by email at ragreps@sheffieldrag.com and eei.bummit2015@gmail.com , or on Facebook at (when the facebook link of the event is available insert this instead of the Bummit and RAG websites) www.facebook.com/Bummit and www.facebook.com/sheffieldRAG

Contact information

For your safety prior to the trip you must give us valid contact information for a housemate in Sheffield, your next of kin, and the mobile number for the phone you will be using on the day of the hitch.