Bummit Stories

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"We didn't quite realise the amount of places we would get to see and the people we would meet. I haven't visited much of Europe before, but hitchhiking has made me want to go back to so many places and visit so many more. Some of my favorites were Antwerp, Utrecht, Berlin, and Dresden. After we got to Ljubljana we visited Venice for 3 days with about ten of us staying in a little apartment right in the centre (somehow it was really cheap)."

"We were on the ferry from Dover to Calais after we slept in Dover docks and a truck driver called Mike told us he would take us in to Germany. He ended up driving us for 8 hours to a petrol station outside Rheine. It was half 10 and the petrol station was about to close so we asked around but nobody would help us get to the centre of Rheine so we had to get a taxi to the train station. We ended up getting on the last train leaving the station that night to go towards Munster cause it was a bigger station. On the train we met some drunk guys who were interested in what we were doing and they were going on a night out and asked if we wanted to go out with them. We ended up going for a drink with them in Munster and one of their girlfriends offered to let us stay at their house so we did!It also turned out that they were driving the 6 hours to Berlin the next day. They made us breakfast and then drove us right to the door of our hostel in Berlin!"

Bummit Paul

"The highlight of bummit for me was travelling through the Alps with two of my best mates- they started off as a misty haze in the distance but as we got closer it got more and more beautiful"

Bummit Paul Casparstory

"I've never been to Austria before and it is notoriously difficult to hitchhike in. It was easter weekend and so there wasn't a lack of people on the road, but cars were full and people were in a rush. There were three groups at this service station who we had been bumping in to all the way from Berlin and so we settled down for a chat before trying our luck. We were picked up by a woman who spoke little English, but she offered for us to stay with her and her family in the most beautiful house up in the mountains. This is a view from the balcony of the room we stayed in in her house. Probably the best last night of Bummit we could have imagined!"

Phil's video diary - Big Bummit to Split 2014

"On my first Bummit experience to Brighton my team were lucky enough to get the coolest hitch ever: in the back of a fire engine! We ended up hitching trains most of the way (dodging the conductor), and when we got into central London (which is near impossible to get out of by car) we decided to catch trains the rest of the way but needed to get from Euston to Victoria. We walked past the fire station at Euston and randomly talked to the firemen, who then proceeded to offer us a lift! No sirens allowed, but definitely the coolest hitch ever. They even gave us a tour past Buckingham Palace etc. You really do never know what you're gonna get!" - Amy, Baby Bummit to Brighton 2012

Amy Fire Engine

Stephen's video diary - Big Bummit to Riga 2017

"My team and I were hitching across Germany, hoping to get to Munich that evening. However, since Bayern Munich were playing that day, it made it impossible to hitch a ride; everyone that was going to Munich was already there! We were stuck in this little petrol station just outside Ulm in Germany, wondering about what to do for the night - find somewhere to sleep or keep hitching. We had been asking these truck drivers for advice about which route would be best and if they thought we could get to Munich, in the end they asked us if they could buy us some slices of pizza. So we sat with them while we ate this and they offered to buy us some beers as well. Not wanting to exploit their generosity, we declined at first, but they were having none of it: 'You're not English if you don't drink, any time we see English people they're always drinking!' We had no choice but to defend our country's reputation. So we spent the night watching the football, getting drunk, and chatting with these different truckers. They asked where we were going to sleep that night and when we responded that we didn't know, Frank, one of the truckers, said we could sleep in his container as all it had in it was blanket like packing material - how convenient! We took him up on this offer and it was one of the comfiest nights of Bummit. Here's us with Jurgen, Ramon, and Frank." - Olivia, Bummit to Split 2014

Olivia In Prague

Sam's video diary - Big Bummit to Split 2014

"We found ourselves in a city called Olomouc in the Czech Republic as it was going dark, but luckily a graduated friend from Bummit past was teaching in a small town just near the border, and living with some local students, so we blagged a train to her house instead. We devoured some food and then spent the rest of the night getting drunk with her and her housemates, doing shots the Czech way (instead of salt-tequila-lime they do mustard-tequila-gherkin!), learning their drinking games and swapping jokes and stories.  During my Bummit adventures I've crossed a border in a car, a van, a lorry, a bus, a train, a plane, a boat and here, on foot. Aiming for bikes next year to get the full set!" - Leo, Bummit to Split 2014

"Jess and I were strolling down the road one breezy baby Bummit morning. I had a spring in my step: it was my Birthday and soon we would be hitchhiking! Now, to say I had become passionate for hitchhiking would be an understatement. But what happened next epitomises why it's so brilliant. With a bit of cheek and a 'don't ask, you don't get' policy you can get a lift with the most unlikely people. A police car pulled up beside us and at first we thought we going to get advised against hitchin’. We knew we weren’t doing anything illegal. It turns out they weren’t so sure and asked us if it was allowed! These guys reminded me of the police officers from Superbad, they were hilarious. At one point the sirens were on and we were going through the traffic lights! We didn’t go a long way but it started us off on one of the best days of hitchhiking I’ve ever had." - Adam, Baby Bummit to Edinburgh 2013

Adam and Police

"If you’ve never heard of Morgan Heritage Google them! Day one of hitch hiking and we had managed to get a lift with this Jamaican reggae band on their tour bus, cruising from Calais to Austria in style! I think we were just in the right place at the right time and managed to get a 1000km hitch overnight into the Austrian Alps. With 16 beds on the tour bus we were spoilt for choice for a place to sleep and offered endless coconut milk! We even managed to go back stage at their gig in Prague and got a shout out too! It was literally the best hitch ever – hopefully they’ll be touring around Europe the same time in Bummit 2015 and we’ll manage to grab another hitch!" - Isabel, Bummit to Split 2014

Jamaican Tour Bus

"Like many others, we spent the early hours of the second day of Big Bummit on a ferry crossing the Channel. Everyone was running around being as charming as possible to potential lifts while trying to conceal the urgency we all felt increasing the closer we got to Calais. We struck gold when after walking past a man with Bruges written on our board, he told us he was going to Switzerland. We turned to look at each other, before looking back at the man, who had looked back at us - we had a lift!. We spent the rest of the day soaking up the views and sunshine driving through France and kicking back with his humongous Golden Retriever called Wilf. We couldn’t believe our luck when he offered to put us up for the night, and when we arrived at his home in Münsingen we had been cooked an amazing dinner by his wife, which we devoured before nodding off. Waking up the next morning and looking out of the window to realize we were slap bang in the middle of the Swiss Alps was pretty magical... We were treated to a huge breakfast before being taken for a tour around Spiez and Bern, where we had coffee in a café that overlooked the city. We got back to the house for lunch where we had a full roast dinner waiting for us, and got dropped off at the nearest service station for about half one. It was an amazing start to our hitching experience outside of England!" - Alex, Bummit to Split 2014

Bummit Paul